Medifood is a medical nutrition company offering condition-specific nutritional products for people affected by disease-related malnutrition.


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Your Strategic Partner in Clinical Nutrition

We often got the question: what makes your company different?

We believe that our uniqueness originates from our science-based approach and eagerness to bring innovation to the field of clinical nutrition, and we have this perspective from the very beginning. 

We work tirelessly on changing the decades-old, outdated practices in medical nutrition with creating and spreading the new, research-based concept of tailor-made feeding: the condition-specific clinical nutrition.

Being a young company with a flat organisation and having our own, in-house small-scale manufacturing lab (which precisely copies the industrial site we work with) provides us a great level of flexibility as well.  

We can be a partner of choice to companies who are present with existing portfolio in therapeutic areas as oncology, respiratory or gastroenterology (and/or other areas where disease-related malnutrition occurs) – as our products are excellent complementary in these conditions. 

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Meet The Team

Sándor Koronkai-Kiss
Sándor Koronkai-Kiss Sales Manager
Edina Kertesi
Edina Kertesi Senior Export Sales Manager
Berill Nagy
Berill Nagy Business Development Manager
Lulu Chen
Lulu Chen Business Development Manager – Greater China

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