Horizon 2020 Szechenyi 2020
Medifood is a medical nutrition company offering nutritional products for people affected by disease-related malnutrition.
  • MediDrink Plus
  • MediDrink Pulmo
  • MediDrink Onco
  • MediDrink Gastro
  • MediDrink Platinum
  • MediDrink Hepa
  • MediDrink Renal
  • MediDrink Junior

Medifood offers a range of condition-specific nutritional products contributing to the efficacy of medical treatments.

These were all developed according to a condition-specific, research-based concept in order to help patients fight disease and recover faster. As they are aimed at different diseases for patients with different conditions, their main features, composition and major benefits also vary.

By clicking on the MediDrink logos above you will be navigated to the website dedicated to each product. There, you can access all kinds of information regarding these products: concise general descriptions, directions for usage, details concerning their beneficial features with all the scientific reference, and much more.