Medifood is a medical nutrition company offering condition-specific nutritional products for people affected by disease-related malnutrition.


Our Mission

Our Mission

is to develop and provide disease/condition-specific FSMPs for disease related malnutrition in order to contribute to the efficacy of medical treatment.

Our Vision

is to Drive, Lead and Shape the clinical nutrition market.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Scientific
  • Excellence
  • Patients and Healthcare
  • Professionals
  • Sustainability
  • Our People

Our Goals

are to develop targeted nutrition for specific diseases and to achieve active worldwide presence through affiliates or distribution partners. We strive to improve patients’ quality of life by innovation of products, therefore contributing to the efficacy of medical treatments.

We work to find and identify the nutritional needs of different medical conditions and to develop specific nutritional products based on the latest scientific evidences in order to contribute to the success of the specific medical treatments.

We seek to make a real difference in people’s lives who have special nutritional needs and ultimately to improve their quality of life. Disease-related malnutrition can be a consequence of many common diseases and conditions and we strive to meet the specific needs of these diseases and conditions to improve clinical outcomes and thus bring forth recovery. We work in partnership and close collaboration with doctors, dieticians and other healthcare professionals to deliver our solution to the vast number of patients in need.