Medifood is a medical nutrition company offering condition-specific nutritional products for people affected by disease-related malnutrition.




1. Code of the project: GINOP-2.1.1.-15-2015-00649

Title of the project: Development of condition-specific clinical nutrition products at Medifood Ltd.

Total allowance:  176.215.000 HUF

Rate of allowance:  59,8%

Summary of the project:

At Medifood research development plans and activities are focusing on the following therapeutic areas and related products as listed below:

Oncology – Malnutrition, anorexia, cachexia are common findings in tumor patients. Since most malignant cells depend on the steady glucose availability and use carbohydrates as the main source of energy, supplements with general composition may not be as effective as the MediDrink Onco to be developed, which may have an indirect beneficial effect on the tumor cell proliferation and related intergrowth via its low carbohydrate content paired with increased nutritious ingredients such as vitamins and minerals.

Pulmonology – This product is primarily targeting the special nutritional needs of the COPD patients. The low carbohydrate content of MediDrink Pulmo will release respiratory stress caused by general diet while its high omega_3 fatty acid content should be able to ameliorate the chronic inflammation processes. The casein content of MediDrink Pulmo is favourable for keeping muscle-mass and further ingredients help to maintain the strength of the respiratoy muscles.

Here at Medifood we strongly believe that a new generation of condition specific clinical nutrition products can be developed based on studies and researches of the last few years. These products adjust to the specific nutritional needs of the patients, strongly supporting the recovery process and healing.

Estimated date of accomplishment:  15.09.2018