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  • General information

    MediDrink Plus is a nutritional product intended for the dietary management of disease-related malnutrition. It comes in several flavours in a ready-to-drink form. Read more

  • The 4 features

    If you would like to know what makes the 4 features characteri-
    sing MediDrink Plus so beneficial and how they help achieve a faster recovery.
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  • Usage

    There are several ways of inserting MediDrink Plus into
    your diet, depending on your taste and the amount that is suitable for you.
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  • MediDrink Cookbook

    Increase the nutritional value of your ordinary diet by using MediDrink Plus for the preparation of your favourite meals.

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  • FAQ

    If you still have questions or would like to find out more about MediDrink Plus, you should look at the Frequently Asked Questions.
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MediDrink Plus is a ready-to-drink nutritional product. It can be consumed directly from the package by using a straw or poured into a glass container. As supplementary nutrition, it can also be inserted into a traditional diet, or used for the preparation of different meals.

MediDrink Plus is recommended and/or subscribed by a dietician, GP or other healthcare professional. The right amount of MediDrink Plus to take will depend on individual needs and if any questions arise a healthcare professional should always be consulted. However, the suggested intake of MediDrink is as follows:

 As a sole source of nutrition, that is when the patient is only taking MediDrink Plus and there is no other source of nutrition, the required amount needs to be specified by the treating physician or dietitian based on the patient’s energy needs.

 If applied as supplementary nutrition beside regular meals to increase the overall nutritional intake, 1-3 packs is the average suitable dosage. (400-1200kcal)

Required calorie intake should be calculated individually in each case. For the right assessment please contact a dietician or health care professional.