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  • General information

    MediDrink Plus is a nutritional product intended for the dietary management of disease-related malnutrition. It comes in several flavours in a ready-to-drink form. Read more

  • The 4 features

    If you would like to know what makes the 4 features characteri-
    sing MediDrink Plus so beneficial and how they help achieve a faster recovery.
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  • Usage

    There are several ways of inserting MediDrink Plus into
    your diet, depending on your taste and the amount that is suitable for you.
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  • MediDrink Cookbook

    Increase the nutritional value of your ordinary diet by using MediDrink Plus for the preparation of your favourite meals.

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  • FAQ

    If you still have questions or would like to find out more about MediDrink Plus, you should look at the Frequently Asked Questions.
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MediDrink Cookbook

Ready-to-drink product

MediDrink Plus can be consumed directly, refrigerated, and as a substitute of milk, yoghurt or milkshakes. Different flavours can also be applied to prepare particular drinks by stirring it into coffee, tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate or smoothies. By adding MediDrink Plus to these drinks the nutritional value will be increased, helping achieve faster recovery. As supplementation, the suggested daily dose is 3x1 packs.


MediDrink Plus can be used for the preparation of smaller meals throughout the day, such as mueslis, porridge and omelettes for breakfast by substituting it to milk or salad dressings, fruit yoghurts for a light snack in the afternoon.


The neutral (unflavoured) MediDrink Plus can be easily applied for thickening different cream-soups by stirring it into the finished soup, and the strawberry, banana, or forest fruit flavour is perfect for making fruit soups.

Main Meals

The neutral (unflavoured) MediDrink Plus can be used in preparing stews, casseroles, ragouts, and sauces to accompany meat, fish, vegetables or pasta. It can also be mixed into mashed potatoes.


Puddings, creams, jellies and ice cream can be easily prepared by using the flavoured products, as well as fillings and dippings for cakes and other sweets with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Even pancakes can be easily made with the unflavoured MediDrink Plus. 

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