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  • General

    MediDrink Plus is an FSMP intended for the nutritional management of disease-related malnutrition.
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  • High Energy

    The numerous beneficial effects of a high energy intake include preventing the breakdown of proteins and going against cata-
    bolic metabolism. Read more

  • High Protein

    A high protein intake helps keep albumin levels up and lower immune suppression caused by therapy, amongst other benefits. Read more

  • High Omega-3

    Decreasing the level of acute phase proteins and inflammatory cytokines is only one of the num
    ber of benefits a high Omega-3 intake brings. Read more

  • Low carbohydrate-Energy

    According to current research providing energy from non-carbohydrate sources may have an indirect antiproliferative effect in cancer. Read more


Our first product, MediDrink Plus, is intended for the nutritional management of disease-related malnutrition.

The 4 main features that characterize MediDrink Plus and highlight it on the nutritional market are the following:

Each of these features are based on current scientific research and clinical studies concerning disease-related malnutrition. In this website you can read about the benefits of the 4 features with references to the scientific work behind each conclusion. You can find these listed below as footnotes in case you would like to read further into the matter. The findings of certain scientific studies will be presented in charts, again with footnotes containing the scientific reference.

Although being a general medical nutrition product, MediDrink Plus is also addressing the recently identified specific needs of the most common medical conditions that require nutritional intervention and support such as cancer, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), CF (cystic fibrosis), IBD (inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Chron’s disease, and ulcerative colitis), AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome), and dementia. MediDrink Plus can be given to a wide spectrum of patients including those diagnosed with diabetes, lactose intolerance or high blood pressure, from the young (above 3 years) to the elderly.

It is also worth noting that the majority of similar medical nutrition products have been on the market for more than a decade without any major change in components despite the several new findings about the altered metabolic pathways of different medical conditions. These study results have been rarely implemented into new formulation and compositions. MediDrink Plus has been developed with the intention of implementing these findings as the R&D process at Medifood is driven by the identified needs of different medical conditions in order to address these needs with the most adequate composition.


  • Energy content: 2kcal/ml
  • Increased protein content (8g/100ml)
  • Increased Omega-3 level
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free (lactose ≤ 0,1g/100ml)
  • Low residue
  • Dimensions: Sip feed in 200ml Tetra Pak
  • Registration Status: Registered (notified) in the EU, Launched in Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia.
  • Category: “Food for Special Medical Purposes” according to EC directive FSMP 1999/21.
    Nutritionally complete food for oral use. (ATC V06D)
  • Indication: For the dietary management of disease-related malnutrition
  • Claims: Complete sip feed
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